Applying for the Waiting List

Families in need of child care must first apply to the eligibility list. The eligibility list is a list of all children from income eligible families who are waiting for subsidized child care. Families are placed on the eligibility list in accord with the CDE, ELCD admission priorities.

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Enrollment Priorities

Alternative Payment Program is mandated to enroll families based on the following priorities:

  • First priority shall be given to families whose children are receiving child protective services or families whose children are at risk of being neglected, abused, or exploited. Within this priority, children receiving protective services through the local county welfare department shall be admitted first.
  • Second priority shall be given to income eligible families. Within this priority, families with the lowest income shall be admitted first. If two or more families have the same income, the family that has a child with exceptional needs shall be admitted first. If there is no family with the same income with a child with exceptional needs, the family that has been on the eligibility list the longest shall be admitted first.
  • It may be necessary to place sibling(s) on the eligibility list, if the agency does not have funding for all of the children at the time of placement or when a parent requests services for a new child.

Waiting List Application

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