Parent Voices (a project of the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network) is a parent-run, parent-led grassroots effort that works to make quality child care accessible and affordable to all families. Parent Voices works to strengthen the capacity of parents to be effective advocates for their child care needs. The program combines leadership development, advocacy, and community organizing to achieve its goals related to increased funding, quality improvement, and better access to child care. Locally it is sponsored by Central Valley Children’s Services Network.

Parent Voices is asking parents who had been paying family fees to create a video using their phone to show the impact of freezing family fees has had in their lives. What are parents able to do or use the extra money they now have?

We need to continue to show our legislators in Sacramento the benefit of freezing family fees in order to extend the waiver and pass the bill next year. A final decision has not been made yet, but we are probably going to be making AB 92 a two-year bill to save us from getting vetoed without the appropriate funding available in the budget.

These videos can show just how valuable these family fee dollars are to families and how it allows them to afford the basic necessities without being so restricted!

Please think of at least one parent who’s no longer paying family fees and ask them to make a video.

Families that would be willing to do the video should do so no later than August 26. For questions or assistance please call Lou Hernandez at Children’s Services Network (559) 256-0963 or you may email her at: