Attention Child Care Providers

Supportive Services, Inc. is excited to inform you of the changes to the Attendance Sheet Procedures. We have made the following changes to streamline our provider payment:

  • The attendance sheet will now include the month, year, assigned ID and a bar coding. These codes are unique and only correspond to the assigned child and care month.
  • Childcare providers are no longer required to make copies of attendance sheets.
  • Supportive Services, Inc. will provide attendance sheets per eligible child to the provider.
  • Attendance sheets will be mailed by our office two (2) working days prior to the end of the month for the upcoming month. For example, in November, the agency will mail December attendance sheets to providers.
  • Previous versions of the attendance sheets will not be accepted. To receive payment, providers must complete and submit assigned attendance sheets.
  • Enclosed you will find your September 2021 attendance sheets.

Supportive Services, Inc. appreciates your quality childcare services to our families.

Please take a moment to download and review the Q&As by clicking either link:

If you have any questions, please free to contact the Accounts Payable Department (559) 230-1180.


LaVera L. Smith

Program Director