Parental Choice

As a parental choice program, Supportive Services, Inc. child care subsidy program believes parents are best able to choose and evaluate child care for their own children. Our goal is to assist parents in finding a wide range of services available by referring them to our local resource and referral agency, Central Valley Children’s Services Network, at (559) 456-1100.

Supportive Services, Inc. cannot guarantee the quality of providers selected by parents and encourages them to carefully interview and check references before leaving a child in care. However, the agency also reserves the right to remove/deny any provider from the Alternative Payment Program for failure to adhere to the Supportive Services, Inc. program policies and procedures and/or noncompliance with the CDE, ELCD, and Title 5 Regulations.

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Child Custody/Visitation

Supportive Services, Inc. cannot pay for child care services for a child(ren) when he/she is in the court ordered custody of the other parent.

Parents who do not have a court order on file must notify the agency one month in advance of the child’s visitation with the other parent.

If a parent does not notify the agency in advance of the child’s visit with the other parent, a Notice of Action will be issued stating that due to the frequent and/or unpredictable unscheduled visits with the other parent; Supportive Services, Inc. will only pay for child care based on the child’s actual attendance. This may result in a copayment being charged to the parent by the provider for the difference.