Child Care Facts

Child Care Facts

Extension of ARPA Survey and AB 179 Stipend Deadlines

Dear California Child Care and Development Programs and Partners:

The purpose of this message is to communicate the following extensions to previously established deadlines for provider completion of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) survey, as well as distribution of Assembly Bill (AB) 179 Stipends.

ARPA Survey

The deadline for providers to complete the ARPA survey has been extended from June 1, 2023, to August 15, 2023.  For more information about the ARPA survey, please refer to Child Care Bulletin (CCB) No. 21-19E, or visit our ARPA survey webpage.

AB 179 Stipends

The deadline for contractors to distribute AB 179 $1,442 per-child stipends to eligible providers has been extended from June 30, 2023, to September 30, 2023.

As a reminder, contractors must make every effort to distribute stipends to providers within 45 days of confirming that the ARPA survey has been completed by the provider.  For more information about the AB 179 stipends, please refer to CCB No. 23-08 or visit our Stipend webpage.

If you have questions about the information in this message, please contact the Child Care Policy and Development Bureau at (916) 657-2144, or


Child Care & Development Division Website

Question: What is the status of the $1,442 per child one-time stipends approved in 2022?

Answer: The funds have been released to the community based Alternative Payment Programs (APPs) by mid-May. The APPs are in process of getting the $1,442 stipends out to those providers that have completed the ARPA survey. Click here to read more on the stipends and the ARPA survey.

Question: How do I know if I have received or will receive any of the ARPA investment Funds?

Answer: If you received ANY of the below previous stipends in the last 36 months, then you are a recipient ARPA investment funds. If you expect to receive the AB 179 one-time flat-rate $1442 stipend because you provided care in April 2022 and are currently providing care to a family enrolled in an early care and development program, then you will be a recipient of the ARPA investment funds.

  • Spring/Summer 2021 Stipend ($525 per child)
  • Summer 2021 Stipend ($600 per child)
  • Licensed Provider Stipend ($3,500 to $6,500 based on licensed capacity)
  • Secondary provider payments when a family’s primary provider was paid for nonoperational days due to COVID-19 related reasons.
  • Reimbursement Based on Certified Hours of Care Rather than Attendance
  • Licensed Provider Incentive ($500 when a family child care home license has been obtained and maintained for 12 consecutive months)
  • Supplemental Rate Payments $1,442 per child stipend (AB 179)

Question: What if I do not have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)?

Answer:Only licensed day care homes and centers have a Federal Employer Identification Number. If you are child care provider who a family, friend or neighbor, you do not have a FEIN.

Question: What do I enter for the provider name, location address, location phone number and email address?


If you are licensed day care home or center, please enter the business name, business address, business phone number and business email address.

If you are a child care provider who is a family, friend, or neighbor, please enter your personal contact information. Do NOT enter contact information for Supportive Services, Inc. Entering Supportive Services, Inc. information will impact the agency’s ability to confirm you have completed the survey.

Question: How do I know if my survey was received by CDSS?

Answer: Once you complete the survey, you will receive a confirmation email. You will only receive the confirmation email IF you entered YOUR (personal) email address.

Question: I cared for child/ren in an early care and development program in April 2022, but I am no longer caring for the child/ren. I have completed the ARPA survey, will I still receive the one-time, flat-rate stipend for $1442?

Answer: Per Child Care Bulletin 23-08, child care providers are eligible to receive a flat-rate, one-time stipend in the amount of $1,442 per child enrolled IF the following criteria has been met:

  1. The child care provider must have served child/ren enrolled in a state-subsidized early care and development program in the month of April 2022,
  2. The child care provider must have completed the revised American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) survey by August 15, 2023, AND
  3. The child care provider must currently be open and providing care for a child/ren enrolled with Supportive Services, Inc.Note: The ARPA stabilization funds are intended to stabilize the child care field, and the ARPA prohibits distributing funds to child care providers that are no longer providing care and/or are permanently closed.

Question: If a licensed provider completed the April survey but currently are not serving children would they still receive the stipends?

Answer:  Yes. They are technically still open.

Question: If a licensed exempt provider completed the April survey but currently is not providing care would they still receive a stipend?

Answer:    No.

Question: If a licensed exempt provider completed the April survey but they are not permanently closed based on a phone call to the provider can they still receive a stipend?

Answer:   No. Since their not serving a child is not due to a public health, financial hardship or a reason related to COVID-19 they are not eligible.

Question: If I am license-exempt (family, friend or neighbor) provider and I am no longer providing care to the children enrolled in a subsidized care program, am I still eligible for the $1442 stipends?

Answer:  If license-exempt or Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) providers are no longer providing subsidized care, they are not eligible for stipends.

NOTE: Alternative Payment Programs implement payments of the stipends following rules developed by the California Department of Social Services. Concerns with any of the information above should be emailed to


Revised ARPA Survey


REVISED American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Survey



Pursuant to Assembly Bill (AB) 179 signed by the Governor on September 6, 2022, all subsidized child
care providers are eligible to receive a flat-rate, one-time stipend in the amount of $1,442 per child
enrolled during the service month of April 2022. To be eligible to receive this stipend, providers must
have completed the revised American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) survey. NOTE: Child care providers
must complete the revised ARPA Survey even if they have already completed the previous version of
the survey in 2021.

Use the link below to Read More…

AB 179 ARPA Notice_3-1-23

Licensed Exempt Providers


Additional Non-Operational Days

Dear Child Care Providers and Parents,

Pursuant to AB 185 and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Legislature has allocated state funds to provide state-subsidized childcare providers with up to sixteen (16) paid nonoperational days for use between September 27, 2022, and June 30, 2023, IF a childcare provider is closed due to COVID-19 selfquarantine or self-isolation, when recommended by the local public health department guidelines.

Please click the link below to download the memorandum for complete information on this policy update.


Attendance Sheets Policy Reminders

Attendance Sheets Policy Reminders:

Please use the link below to download the Attendance Sheets Policy Reminders.  These reminders were created to assist you with the accurate completion and submission of the attendance sheets to the agency.

Supportive Services, Inc. appreciates the quality childcare services you provide to our families. If you have any questions related to the attendance sheet policy reminders, please do not hesitate to contact the Accounts Payable Department (559) 230-1180 for assistance.

To get the details, please click the link to DOWNLOAD the official notice. (English and Spanish versions)


Licensed Exempt Providers

Attention LICENSED-EXEMPT Providers

Attention Family, Friends and Neighbors that Provide Child Care

Are you interested in enhancing your skills to care for young children?

(559) 256-0946


Pathways to Quality Program

The Pathways to Quality Program can provide individualized support and cash stipend opportunities for state-subsidized family, friend, and neighbor caregivers, who provide care for children ages 0-5 in Fresno County

Eligible participants can enroll by completing 3 Steps!
1. Submit a Pathways to Quality Program Application
2. Obtain a free California ECE Workforce Registry ID
3. Complete a Professional Growth Plan with a Navigator
*Program Navigators will provide assistance to complete requirements

Scan QR Code
Family Fees

Policy Changes Effective 7/1/2022 – NEWS UPDATE

Agency Announcement - UPDATE

Governor Newsom signed the budget this past week which means the two pending policies discussed in the mailer are now in effect. However, we are still waiting on the official direction from California Department of Social Services (CDSS) outlining implementation instructions for the waiver of fees and reimbursing child care providers based on the maximum certified need.

In the meantime, providers are NOT to collect July 2022 family fees as they have been waived from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023.

Licensed Exempt Providers

Attention LICENSED-EXEMPT Child Care Providers

Attention LICENSED-EXEMPT Child Care Providers

The Department of Social Services (CDSS) Child Care and Development Division (CCDD) has released revised Regional Market Rates (RMR) which take effect on January 1, 2022.

Submit Your Revised Provider Rate Sheets for 2022

Due December 30, 2021

To be eligible for reimbursements at the new January 1, 2022 rates, revised Provider Rate Sheets are due to Supportive Services, Inc. by December 30, 2021. Provider Rate Sheets received after December 30, 2021, will be effective the first day of the following month, from the date of submission.  Please download the official letter for more details.

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