American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Survey Requirement

** Click HERE to download a PDF version of this notice which includes a Spanish version **

Pursuant to the Agreement between the State of California and Child Care Providers United –
California (CCPU), the Governor and the Legislature directed a portion of the American Rescue
Plan Act (ARPA) childcare stabilization funding to childcare providers in the form of benefits
such as stipends or rate increases. The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is
responsible for issuing the ARPA funding to childcare providers and childcare and development
contractors, and for collecting data about how the funds were used, to comply with federal
reporting requirements. Collected data will be protected and reported to the federal
government to track COVID-19 childcare stabilization funding.

Providers who wish to continue their eligibility for applicable one-time stipends and other
forms of financial support allocated via AB 131 and ARPA, must complete the ARPA survey by
December 31, 2021. The survey can be completed online and is available in English and Spanish,
see the below links. ** A hardcopy version of the survey will be forthcoming for childcare
providers who do not have internet access.

• English ARPA survey link:
• Spanish ARPA survey link: 

NOTE: Supportive Services, Inc. is not the managing authority for the ARPA survey; we are only
serving as a liaison to CDSS, fulling our obligation to share the ARPA Survey requirement with
childcare providers registered with our program. If you have questions, or need help completing
this survey, please email the California Department of Social Services at