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Attendance Sheet Instructions Part 2: The Back

Attendance Sheet Instructions - The Back

Understanding Attendance Sheets

14. Provider Name

Enter the center or provider name.

15. Billing Child

Enter the name of the child that is utilizing the greatest number of child care hours.

16. Parent Name

Please write the parent’s name as identified on the Notice of Action.

17. Family Fee

If the parent has been assessed a family fee, enter either the full time or part time fee. See Notice of Action.

18. Family Fee Paid

Enter the amount of the family fee that was paid by the parent/guardian.

19. Family Fee Balance Due

Enter the balance due here IF the parent did not pay the entire balance of the family fee.

20. Form of Payment

Check the applicable box for the form of payment used by the parent/guardian.

21. Provider Signature

The provider or center representative must sign here.

22. Date

The provider or center representative must enter the date the receipt was completed.

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