Alternative Payment Program for Central Valley Families

We support thousands of working families and children in Fresno and surrounding counties by ensuring that working parents have a choice of programs that focus on the needs and educational development of children.


Supportive Services, Inc. Alternative Payment Program is a parental choice child care subsidy program funded by grants from the state and federal government. Parents must meet Title 5 Eligibility and Need Regulations as mandated by the California Department of Education, Early Learning and Care Division (CDE, ELCD).


The program may pay for all or part of the cost of child care for children ages birth through 12 years (children with exceptional needs may be served to age 21). The child care subsidy follows the child, which means that if hours of need change, the family moves, or a child needs a different setting the parent can select a new provider.


As a parental choice program, Supportive Services, Inc. child care subsidy program believes parents are best able to choose and evaluate child care for their own children. Our goal is to assist parents in finding a wide range of services available by referring them to our local resource and referral agency, Central Valley Children’s Services Network, at (559) 456-1100.

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Eligibility for subsidized services is based primarily on a family’s income and need for care, with more specific individual criteria for certain programs.


We are all about parental choice. As a parental choice program, Supportive Services, Inc. child care subsidy program believes parents are best able to choose and evaluate child care for their own children.


Supportive Services, Inc. reimburses providers based on the Regional Market Rates (RMR) set by the CDE/ELCD. Participating Providers must meet all requirements.
Alternative Payment Program


    STEP 1

    Apply for the Waiting List

    Visit the agency to pick up an application, or use this download link
    Return your completed application to the agency.
    Your application must include required income documentation.
    You will receive a letter advising you of your eligibility determination.
    Incomplete applications will be returned for more information.
    Report changes in income, family size, or your child care needs.
    STEP 2

    Gather Your Documentation

    While you are awaiting your certification appointment begin gathering the following documents that pertain to your family’s circumstances.
    Documentation of Employment of Self Employment 
    Documentation of Seeking Employment (Job Seek)
    Documentation of Vocational Training
    Documentation of Child Protective Services
    Documentation of Parental Incapacity
    Documentation of At Risk of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation
    Documentation of Seeking Permanent Housing
    Documentation of Child with Exceptional Needs
    STEP 3

    Meet With Your Case Worker

    When your family has been chosen for program placement you will be given a certification appointment where your need and eligibility will be determined.  For your appointment, remember to bring:
    Your placement packet along with your checklist of items.
    Documentation that provides proof of eligibility.
    Documentation that provides proof of need.
    Documentation of your family’s size and income as requested in your placement packet.




    We partner with organizations and agencies...

    within the community and throughout the state of California to bring needed services to families in the central valley

    County of Fresno




    $ 28M







    Supportive Services, Inc. Alternative Payment Program is a non-profit corporation, organized as a service, research, educational and advocacy agency for child care and the related needs of children and families.

    The agency provides assistance on a non-discriminatory basis extending equal treatment and access to services for children, parents and providers of child care without regard to race, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability.  The agency welcomes and accommodates children with exceptional needs.

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